Best Cordless Hair Straighteners: The 8 Best Portable Styling Appliances For Silky Smooth Strands, No Matter The Location | Marie Claire Australia

2021-12-23 07:23:09 By : Mr. TEYES Factory

For those, like us, who cannot live our lives without the companion of a hair straightener, the styling tool is a ride-or-die for nailing pin-straight tresses or loose, flowing waves.

But of course, hours spent painstakingly dragging the sizzling straightener over hair strands comes at a cost—an utter lack of movement. Plugged into the wall, somehow the straightener's cord always ends up unintentionally tangled around the body, especially when mastering the perfect curl at the back of one's head.

Luckily, those days of requiring the flexibility of a circus performer to free oneself are over. Thanks to the introduction of the cordless hair straightener, freedom and fresh hair are somewhat synonymous.

Due to its cordless freedom, touch-ups at the office just became a breeze, travelling light is possible and swift hair styling can be nailed from anywhere—the car, the beach, the desk, you name it.

Of course, their price point may sit rather high but the results—and unmatched convenience—speaks for itself. And after all, unlike most straighteners, their cordless technology is unlike any other styling tool on the market. 

Bringing hair savants the best of both worlds, the appliance cuts out the compromise with stylers that ensures no plugs, no patience and no pain.

Below, we've rounded up the best cordless straighteners on the market, to guarantee silky strands no matter your location.

The Cordless Iron Pro by Cloud Nine, $595 at Adore Beauty.

Corrale Hair Straightener in Nickel/Fuschia by Dyson, $699 at Adore Beauty.

Unplugged Cordless Styler in Matte Black by ghd, $475 at MECCA.

Cordless Straightener by BALMAIN Paris Hair Couture, $297.10 at Net-A-Porter.

Cordless Travel Hair Straightener in Pink, $79.95 at Dick Smith.

9000 Cordless Hair Straightener by BaByliss, $379 at Harvey Norman.

Rechargeable Hair Straightener by Beurer, $99 at The Good Guys.

LoLa Cordless Hair Straightener by PuraBeaute, $199 at The Shaver Shop.

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